KP Food Authority Launches a New App to Improve Quality of Food Businesses

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Food Safety and Halal Food Authority (FSHFA) has launched an application that lets users access a wide range of information on food outlets in the province.

Named “Staso Raaye” (Your Opinion), the application notifies users about hygiene, adulteration, employee fitness, cleanliness, temperature management, action, overall performance, public review, and overall performance of a particular food outlet.


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FSHFA’s General Manager IT, Amir Shehzad, launched the application which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

While addressing the launch ceremony, Shehzad said the application only contains the information of geo-tagged food businesses of Peshawar for now, adding that information of businesses from the rest of the province will be integrated in the coming weeks.

Till December last year, FSHFA had completed the geo-tagging of over 15,000 food-related businesses across the province.

The geo-tagging campaign undertaken by the FSHFA envisages enhancing the quality standards of food-related businesses in the province.

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