Islamabad United Now a Part of the ZEM Builders Family

Islamabad United is now a part of the ZEM builder’s family. Partnering up with this leading team of the PSL at the beginning of the new season, ZEM Builders now hopes that this collaboration goes a long way as both partners share the mission of making Pakistan proud.

About Islamabad United and ZEM Builders Collaboration

Islamabad United is one of the most successful PSL teams and has won the tournament twice. They’re now associated with ZEM Builders, a real estate construction company in Bahria Town Islamabad who are sponsoring it for the running (6th) season of the wildly popular tournament.

CEO of ZEM shares his views on the collaboration

CEO of ZEM Builders, Zeeshan Qureshi, is delighted about this association with the United family, hoping that it brings great success to the team. “The partnership boosts the spirit of sports and PSL in Pakistan, which is the year’s most loved tournament,” he shares.

“ZEM Builders’ entire leadership is up for the betterment of sports in Pakistan, and the association with Islamabad United is just one example. It also shows the enthusiasm towards sports in general and PSL in particular in Pakistan.”

“We also hope that Pakistan’s PSL cricket love portrays Pakistan’s positive image globally. We wish Islamabad United the very best of luck for the current PSL season.”.

Islamabad United In PSL

Islamabad United has been the most successful team of PSL by winning the two early seasons. Being a team that made it possible to win the final two times, Islamabad United holds a vital position in the popular league.

In the 6th season of PSL, the United team has also won two consecutive matches making their supporters and fans happy. With qualified management staff and some of the best players in their team, Islamabad United is a favorite team for PSL6 as well.

About ZEM Builders

ZEM Builders is a prestigious real estate construction company of Pakistan serving its best to revolutionize the real estate sector. They’re doing their best to promote high-quality construction services, ensuring minimal risks for buildings, and setting the bar higher for the industry.

ZEM Builders are striving to never compromise on the quality provided. They have a competent team of professionals ensuring that all projects are transparent legally and follow the strictest quality standards. Here are some of the ways ZEM delivers on its promise:

  1. Providing top-notch amenities and facilities
  2. Security of payment preventing negative cash flow
  3. High-quality construction
  4. Up to par residential and commercial projects

There are several reasons for choosing ZEM Builders as a real estate business company. On top of these reasons are high-quality, legal construction, and totally risk-free investment. You can check out these recent projects from ZEM Builders.

  • Liberty tower
  • ZEM Skylark
  • Lake Vista

You can also take a look at the timely delivered projects of ZEM Builders for further guidance. Hence, you shouldn’t have any worries about the quality and provision of amenities in any of ZEM’s projects. Also, there are no risks associated that lead to a negative cash flow.

Mutual Aims

The association with Islamabad United is valuable to enhance the national and global sports experience. Concerning the mission and cause, ZEM Builders lie on the same page with Islamabad United.

It is hoped that this partnership will speak to the cricket-loving Pakistani people through the services. Also, there is the hope of making Pakistan proud and serve towards its betterment. ZEM Builders is also hoping for these targets to be met while showing a positive and bright image of Pakistan to the world.