Nothing Appoints Former Samsung Exec as Vice President

Last month, OnePlus Co-founder and ex-CEO launched his London-based consumer electronics company called ‘Nothing’ and now it has slowly started expanding to other markets.

After Europe, the company has chosen India as one of its early destinations. In a recent announcement, it was revealed that Manu Sharman, an ex-Samsung VP, has been appointed as the General Manager and Vice President of Nothing. Before his new appointment, Sharma was the head of the product strategy at Samsung up until December 2020.

Pei opined that Sharma’s previous track record and his experience in the industry will play a pivotal role in Nothing’s growth in India. His responsibilities will include setting up the company’s office in India, overseeing the region’s product strategy, marketing, and sales.

In other news, the new consumer electronics company recently disclosed that it will be launching its first product, a pair of earbuds, this summer. Following Sharma’s appointment, we can expect Nothing’s first product to launch in India first. However, we are unsure if Pei plans on setting up a factory in the country as well or if the products will be imported.

Reportedly, Nothing will not only focus on audio products, but it will also slowly broaden its portfolio by adding more products. Pei’s goal is to develop an entire ecosystem of products eventually.