National Assembly Passes Bill to Increase Punishment for Corruption

To curb rampant corruption in the country, the National Assembly has passed a bill titled, ‘The Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2020,” proposing up to 10 years imprisonment for corrupt practices.

The bill moved by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA, Sher Akbar Khan, was passed after the relevant standing committee presented its report following which a motion was passed to suspend the requirements of sub-rule two of rule 132 of the said rules for consideration.


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The bill’s statement of objects and reasons says that the “bill is aimed at controlling the menace of corruption and to make the existing law on prevention of corruption more effective.”

A second bill, titled “The Ibadat International University, Islamabad Bill, 2021,” floated by another PTI MNA, Amjad Ali Khan Niazi, was also approved by the lower house.


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During the session, 35 reports of the National Assembly standing committees were presented, including Amendment of Human Organ and Muscle Transplantation Act, Amendment Bill to Prohibit Smoking, and Protection of Health of Non-Smokers Ordinance, and Amendment to Anti-Narcotics Act.

Earlier in the day, the Deputy Speaker National Assembly (NA) urged MNAs to keep their Assembly cards to be able to vote in the Senate elections, without which entry will not be allowed. Note that the voting for Senate Elections 2021 is underway in the national and provincial assemblies across the country.