PM Imran Orders FBR to Take Strict Action Against Sugar Mafia

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has expressed displeasure over the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) failure to make any recoveries from the sugar mills owned by the government personalities.

The FBR officials presented a report showing recoveries of more than Rs. 400 billion from the sugar mills in sugar scam. However, much to the premier’s resentment, most of the recoveries were made from small sugar mills, and the ‘big fishes’ were left alone.


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Showing his displeasure over an incomplete report, PM Khan inquired the tax body as to why an across-the-board crackdown was not carried out in the sugar scandal.

Failing to provide a convincing reply to the premier, the FBR officials said that the investigations against the big companies owned by the Sharif family, JT group, Khushro Bakhtiar, Humayun Akhtar group, RYK, Ittihad Sugar Mills, and others are currently underway.


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PM Imran Khan ordered the FBR officials to initiate across-the-board action and submit a detailed report into the scam.