Punjab’s Hospitals Reach Near-Full Capacities With COVID-19 Patients

The capacities of government hospitals in major cities of Punjab are nearly saturated with coronavirus patients as the third wave of the pandemic has taken a dangerous turn.

The situation is particularly alarming at several healthcare facilities in Lahore where the bed capacity of intensive care units (ICUs) has reached its limit.


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Doctors at Mayo Hospital revealed that all its beds, including the ones reserved for the coronavirus patients, have been occupied.

The Medical Superintendent of Mayo Hospital, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad, said that it had reserved 340 beds for coronavirus patients and “now, all these beds have been occupied”.

Due to similar circumstances, the teaching hospitals in Lahore are not admitting more coronavirus patients.


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Speaking on the condition of anonymity, certain officials claimed that young medics are hesitant to put their own lives at risk by admitting too many coronavirus patients at the hospitals and are pressuring the management of the hospitals against it.

The officials added that Punjab is undergoing the worst phase of the pandemic to date, and they are fearful that the underreporting of coronavirus cases and deaths will aggravate the situation.