Why Events Like the Sindh Livestock Expo are So Important

The Second Edition of the Sindh Livestock Expo ’21, which took place at Hatri bypass in Hyderabad on March 13-15, was a big hit and brought together livestock rearers and traders from across the province.

After the massive success of their first Sindh Livestock Expo in Feb 2020, Minister of Livestock & Fisheries Mr. Abdul Bari Pittafi and Secretary of Livestock & Fisheries Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Mahesar had announced the return of the platform with its second edition.

This time around too, visitors flocked to Hyderabad for Sindh’s second livestock expo. For an agricultural country like Pakistan, livestock is a major contributor to the country’s GDP, making such an event a very important one. With added investment which the expo aims to attract, the industry can grow by folds.

All over the world, expos are held so that businesses can meet, network, and talk to one another. The Sindh Livestock Expo is no different in this regard as that is the place where the entire livestock community meets. With hundreds of breeds on display, the Sindh Livestock Expo has all the tools one needs to start off.

Access is also one of the main reasons for holding an expo like this because not only do the livestock rearers get to display their choice breeds, but they also get access to the business community whose key members come to attend the event from different parts of the country.

This allows them to build connections important for the flow of business outwards, from the rural areas to the urban retail markets.

Technology and learning is a key facet of an Expo. With efficient farming mechanisms like the aquaponic system of fisheries and seminars on animal husbandry and the related techniques, livestock rearers can get access to learning and technology they would have difficulty acquiring otherwise.

Finance is the main pillar of any sector. At the Sindh Livestock Expo, there were several banks providing soft loans to the livestock community to enable them to stand on their own feet by setting up their own successful business.

Entertainment and culture are the cornerstones of any society and the Sindh Livestock Expo not only allowed the exhibitors of cultural arts and indigenous craftsmen to sell their wares, but also offered family-friendly entertainment for three days with musical nights and fireworks.

All in all, events such as the Sindh Livestock Expo provide ample opportunities for the community to come together, learn from each other, and boost their business.