Google to Use Its Own Processor for Pixel 6: Leak

This year’s Google Pixel phones could feature Google’s custom-made chips for the first time, says a report from 9to5Google. 

According to the report, the Google Pixel 6 smartphones meant to release this year will be codenamed “Raven” and “Oriole” and will use the company’s self-made SoC. There is not much known about the chip as of yet, but these Pixel 6 devices will be a part of a platform known as “Slider”. This platform also encompasses future Chromebook devices that will use this Google SoC.

This mysterious chip is reportedly codenamed “Whitechapel” and will be produced in collaboration with Samsung. This means that these will likely share the design and architecture of Samsung’s Exynos chips and probably some software components as well. They will then be optimized by Google for the best performance on Pixel phones, though this is only speculation for now.

The first two phones in the Google Pixel 6 lineup are expected to be the base Pixel 6, and most likely, the cheaper variant, the Pixel 6a. The upper-end model, typically known as the Pixel XL, is usually released later on.

We can expect these phones to receive updates faster than other phones and last longer than previous Pixel phones as well. There is not much known about these devices as of yet, but we will update this space as soon as there is new information.