Nayatel Enables You to Dial and Receive Your Office Extension Calls on Your Smartphone

Nayatel has introduced a Cloud-based Prepaid PBX System that allows you to dial and receive office extension calls through your smartphone, with zero line rent, over any internet. You can deploy a cost-effective solution in comparison to Telephone Exchange and IP Phones.

In today’s ever-changing work environment, this smart solution allows businesses to connect to their customers, as well as employers easily.

Nayatel Cloud PBX Prepaid solution comes with an array of features listed below:

  • Free Extension to Extension calling
  • User-friendly portal to view CDRs
  • Centralized communication with all office branches
  • Call forwarding, transfer, and recording
  • IVR, Queues, and Music on Hold
  • Call Monitoring and Call Waiting
  • Audio Conferencing

To learn more, click here. To Sign Up, simply Visit or email [email protected] and get yourself registered for a smart and cost-effective PBX Solution.