Fujifilm Launches a Tiny Vintage Camera

Fujifilm has announced the latest addition to its line of Instax Mini cameras. Although the new camera has features similar to other members of the lineup, its construction and design set it apart from the rest.

Design and Construction

Even though the new Instax Mini 40 features a structure similar to the Instax Mini 11, it has a completely different aura due to the vintage film camera look it comes with. In contrast to how it appears, the camera is built using plastic only. The camera feels very lightweight.

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It has a plastic faux leather body and metallic-looking plastic rails. There are two buttons on the camera. One below the lens to pop it out while the other on the top for clicking images.


In terms of functionality, the camera has features similar to its predecessor, the Instax Mini 11. It has only two modes:

  • A normal mode that automatically adjusts the settings based on the environment.
  • Selfie Mode, that can be activated by pulling the outermost part of the lens out about half an inch more. This only changes the focal distance of the camera to allow subjects closer to the lens to be in focus.

Apart from this, the flash fires away with every shutter press, and an Instax Mini film sheet will roll out to a mechanic hum. Like other Instax cameras, the results are unpredictable beyond knowing the printed photo will be slightly soft with high contrast.

Pricing and Availability

The camera is currently available for $100. It is $30 more expensive than the Instax Mini 11 that provides similar functionality.