These Ads Are All You Need To See To Get Into The Ramazan Spirit

The holy month of Ramazan is upon us, and the festivities revolving around this blessed season have taken over every nook. Everyone is coming close, spending more time with family along with thinking about each other, proving what Ramazan is all about.

But, apart from our own understanding of this month, helping us understand this even better has also been Surf Excel, who each year, has given us tons to think about and get emotional with, as their ads explore the true meaning behind this month.

Telling us all that Daagh Tou Achay Hotay Hain if you get them doing good deeds and proving that Neki is also an ibadat, Surf Excel has given us many pearls of wisdom to be thankful for. Each year there’s a distinct message, and all of them tell us how Ramazan can be made a blessing for others as well if we try.

This year too, we are sure that Surf Excel is all set to give us one more heartwarming message for Ramazan and we can already tell it’s going to be high on emotional value.

But till we get to see the latest Ramazan ad, let’s explore how the last 5 years of Surf Excel ads have warmed our hearts…

Madad Ek Ibadat


Creating an advertisement that still induces goosebumps with its emotional message, Surf Excel really made their 2016 Ramazan ad in a way that made us realize that our path to God is directly connected to helping others. The beautiful message to accept the daagh on our clothes in order to help others still makes people remember this ad fondly! 

Neki Ek Ibadat


Ads rarely make the impact that Surf Excel has managed to do each Ramazan, and this one in 2017, talking about Neki being an Ibadat truly struck a chord with the masses. The idea of helping those around us in any way possible to us is shown through a beautiful connection between a child and his aim to make an elderly keep his Roza, making this an ad full of beautiful moments. 

Ek Neki Rozana


A hard-hitting message for Ramazan, this ad from 2018 made so many around the country weep with its strong storyline based around reconnecting family bonds and forgetting past animosities. The message truly proved to be one everyone loved to see in the holy month, and to this date, the ad has the power to make anyone mega emotional. 

Eesar Ek Ibadat


Bringing forward the message of helping others before ourselves and thinking about them in our prayers, the 2019 Ramazan ad by Surf Excel was all about the pure vibes of the blessed month. We not only see child-like innocence but also understand the true meaning of what Eesar means. If you want to understand what makes Ramazan such a month of gratitude, this ad will help you. 

Neki Nahi Rukegi


A Ramazan ad that perfectly captured the ethos of 2020 and the ongoing pandemic, the message by Surf Excel was simple — to not stop doing neki even when times are tough. The beautiful message of resilience in such a time was like a breath of fresh air, and it boosted the morale of millions of Pakistanis to do good in ways that they can despite the limitations around.

Surf Excel surely knows how to tug at our heartstrings, and we’re sure the latest ad will do so too! But, till it is revealed what message we are going to see this time around, we’ll sit and wait with full anticipation! 

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