Changan Teases the Launch of Another Car in Pakistan

Changan Pakistan released a series of cryptic teasers over the weekend hinting at an upcoming car.

One of the main teasers that have now also become the cover photo for the automaker’s official Facebook page reads: “Future, Forward, Forever”.


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Later on, photos with the taglines “The Future is more than just pipedreams & buzzwords” and “Forward isn’t just a direction. It’s a state of mind” were also posted, which could be references to a new direction that the company is planning to take.

These statements were followed by more directions like “Watch this space to discover what we’re up to” and “Guess what our next push forward will bring for #Pakistani roads?”, and seem to point towards the arrival of a new product of Changan Pakistan.

To quote Changan, this does not seem like just a “pipedream” because a few days ago, Changan Pakistan was seen testing three new vehicles — the UNI-T SUV, the Oshan X7 SUV, and the F70 pickup truck — on the roads of Karachi.


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More observant people might also have noticed decals with the new catchphrase ‘Future, Forward, Forever’ on the sides of the three vehicles.

Although the official details about which of these vehicles Changan will launch first are yet to be released, it may be assumed that each one of them will be a fine addition to the Pakistani market.

  • Changan company and the team is going in a right directions, it will kick out big 3 monopoly and markets hold.
    beside that, KIA and Proton & FAW, MG, DFSK are already gives best efforts and best products in the markets.

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