Huawei is Planning to Launch 3 Foldable Phones: Report

Foldable phones have been in the market for a while now and manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei are working on making them mainstream. Samsung is all set to launch two new foldable devices in July and Huawei, after launching the Mate X2 is reportedly prepping to launch three new foldable smartphones in the market.

The company launched its first foldable a few months after Samsung launched the original Galaxy Fold, however, due to restrictions imposed by the United States, it has not been able to match the South Korean company.

According to a recent report by DigiTimes, the new foldable phones that Huawei is planning to launch will be priced in the mid-range category instead of premium. The company believes that lower pricing of foldable smartphones will make them more appealing and will help with the mass adaptability of such devices. It will lead to an increase in demand for the category.

In addition to this, the report adds that the popularity of foldable phones is expected to increase the global shipments of AMOLED display panels in 2021 from 4.4 million a year to around 12 million.

As far as Huawei’s budget foldable phones are concerned, the leak did not specify a timeline, or revealed any details regarding the specifications.


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