Metro and Speedo Bus Services Resumed in Lahore

The Metro and Speedo bus services have been resumed in Lahore after 22 days of suspension.

According to a notification issued by the Department of Primary and Secondary Health, the two bus services have been resumed in the provincial capital but no decision has been taken on the resumption of the Orange Line Metro Train service in the city.


Punjab Govt Has No Legal Authority to Check Public Transport Fares

The Government of Punjab had suspended the Orange Train, Metro, and Speedo bus services on 31 March 2021 in order to curb the spread of coronavirus across the province.


Punjab Govt Bans Public Transport in Major Cities

The Punjab Mass Transit Authority had halted 17 routes of the Speedo bus service and 200 buses were parked at their bus stands, while the Metro buses remained parked at Depo. The staff size was also reduced during the time, due to which the authority incurred a loss of Rs. 120 million.