I Have Been Hired as a Crypto Expert by KP Govt: Waqar Zaka

In an exciting new development for crypto enthusiasts, the Living On The Edge Host and renowned social media presence, Wakar Zaka, recently announced on Twitter that he’s going to work for the KP government as a ‘crypto expert’.

The decision was made earlier on 4th February 2021, but Zaka decided to share news of his ‘new role’ yesterday to keep his followers well informed.


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In the tweet, the BOL Show-host said, “I’m hired as a crypto expert by the Government of Pakistan and I have decided not to charge a single penny and I will provide all my services for free.”

Essentially, his tweet bodes well for the future of cryptocurrencies in the country, but the official notification from the KP government doesn’t mention anything about ‘hiring’ someone in any capacity.

As suggested, Zaka will be working as a member of the Advisory Committee on Crypto Mining, along with other tailored members.