The Perfect Sized Refrigerator – Newest from Waves Pakistan

Waves” NAAM HI KAFI HAY ‘ is a brand known as the people’s brand. It has been catering to the Pakistani market for years beginning from its iconic Deep Freezer. Over a period of time, Waves expanded with more quality appliances bringing in new technology and designs.

However, its legendary cooling remains in appliances like Deep Freezers, Refrigerators, and Air Conditioners.

The market remains dense. Brands have to be as ever-evolving as time itself. Meeting this requirement and bringing the latest for the people, Waves has launched its latest Perfect Sized Refrigerator.

As Mr. Muhammad Shahid, GM Marketing & Sales, Waves Singer Pakistan Limited, says, “With the iconic cooling and quality that Waves has been providing since always, there is now the addition of a refrigerator which is perfect in size and for your pocket as well.”

So, this Perfect Sized Refrigerator has been designed such that it works as a smart fit for any household without compromising on the storage space for items to fit perfectly inside too. We have filled the gap by adding these two variants (Glass Door and Vista Series) in our Waves Family with extremely affordable prices for our customers,” he adds.

Truly, the brand keeps its loyalty by not compromising on the quality and legendary cooling. Hence, this line of refrigerators offers the best in usage, cooling, quality; and they now come in a perfect size as well which is not too big, neither too small.

This is where the insight comes alive with its launch campaign ‘Na Chota, Na Bara-Just Perfect’ has been based and executed. Whether the item is too big, too small, too wide, too narrow, near or far; all fit in perfectly inside this refrigerator.

The campaign began with an exciting #JustPerfectChallenge where various bloggers participated by following dance moves on a piece of campaign jingle that was given to them.

As soon as bloggers posted their challenge acceptance on their pages and simultaneously on Waves official page, the challenge was taken up by a great number of people. The excitement was boundless with a lot of entries received. This very engaging challenge came to an end with one lucky winner winning the Perfect Sized Refrigerator.

It will be important to mention here that bringing all the qualities together in this perfect-sized refrigerator does not compromise on value for money. As economical as it can be, this refrigerator is a perfect fit in all possible ways.

Here’s sure, your next buy. Because whether inside or outside – Waves Perfect Sized Refrigerator is Just Perfect!

To see more of the campaign, click on the Waves Pakistan link here.