WhatsApp Will Let You Move Chats to a New Phone Number Soon

WhatsApp has previously allowed chat migration on a single phone number only, but this restriction is about to be removed soon. According to a new leak, the messaging app will soon let you move your chats to a different phone number, making it easy to migrate data between different WhatsApp accounts.


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The leak comes from none other WABetainfo that typically spots upcoming features in beta versions of WhatsApp.

This will not only allow you to migrate chat history to different WhatsApp accounts, but to different platforms as well. WhatsApp on Android currently does not let you recover backups from iCloud and WhatsApp on iOS does not allow it from Google Drive either. The messaging app’s upcoming feature should remove this barrier, making it possible to transfer WhatsApp data between iOS and Android.

The migration will also include media transfer such as images, videos, voice messages, etc. However, migration between different accounts or platforms will only be possible if you link your other phone to your WhatsApp account.

Keep in mind that the feature is still under development and it’s not available just yet. There is no release date for now, but it probably won’t be long now that it has been spotted in the beta version.