Easypaisa Introduces API Developer Portal for Seamless Third-Party Integration

Pakistan’s pioneering branchless banking service, easypaisa, has recently introduced its API Developer Portal, which is now live and can be used by third parties for integration, sandbox, and production movement for standard integration.


The API gateway provides a secure self-service signup and easy-to-integrate platform for:

  • Businesses/partners allowing them to do money transfers, IBFT, bill payment, and other easypaisa services on their applications and websites.
  • Businesses/partners allowing them to add easypaisa as a payment mechanism for their customers.
  • Developers to consume and utilize APIs on their websites and apps.

The solution also includes comprehensive guides/tutorials/step-by-step instructions and standard processes for self-service.

How does the API Gateway work?

To understand better how customers can be facilitated with this new technology introduced by easypaisa, here is a deeper look into how the API Gateway works. It is important to first understand how a third-party integration works to gain a better understanding of the whole process.

What is third-party integration and why is it important?

The term third-party integration refers to the addition of necessary external data into an already existing project by using different APIs.

Through third-party integration, developers can simply pick any available API and integrate it into the solution without creating a new interface. It not only saves time and money but also allows a smoother experience with the apps already in use.


Previously, when third parties integrated with easypaisa, they had to do so directly into their backend system. This meant that they had to integrate with three to four systems, based on their requirements, which made the whole process extensive.

How is an API Gateway beneficial?

Through an API Gateway, third parties now need to integrate just with the gateway which is already connected to all the major systems at easypaisa’s backend. Thus, an API Gateway reduces the whole process to one step and saves time.

The API Gateway is automatic, which means that there is no human involvement required and the third parties can now complete their standard integrations automatically.

Third parties can view the APIs per use case, develop those at their end and use easypaisa’s sandbox environment to test their service even before a single contact is made with any of the resources for initiating any integration.

Once services are tested, the third party does need to register with easypaisa and instead get an account opened (the usual CBA/EWP Wallet) before they could be moved to the production version of the gateway. This allows for seamless integration without any hassle.

Which Use Cases are live and available?

Currently, the following use cases are live and available on the system, with plans for adding more at a later stage. The currently available use cases fall into three main categories:

  1. Retailer Solutions
    1. Easypaisa account registration
    2. Cash deposit and withdrawal from easypaisa account
    3. Money transfer to other bank accounts (IBFT)
    4. Receive & send money to/from CNIC
    5. Utility Bill Payments
  1. Corporate Solutions
    1. Bill payments
    2. Easypaisa wallet disbursements
    3. IBFT payments
    4. Mobile account registration
  1. Subscriber Solutions
    1. Easypaisa account transfer
    2. Easypaisa self-account registration
    3. Money transfer to other bank accounts (IBFT)
    4. Utility Bill Payments

Our review of the Open API Portal shows that through the API Gateway, easypaisa has made it easier for businesses, developers, and third parties to take full advantage of its diverse offerings. The API Developer portal can be accessed at



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