One in Three People Get Cancer Due to Smoking: Research

While the human body has been designed to deal with a few hazards, it is often unable to cope with the harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke. Both the amount that one smokes and the length of time spent smoking affect one’s risk of developing cancer.

Medical experts representing the Oncology of Pakistan held a press conference on No Tobacco Day at the Press Club in Lahore to highlight the devastating effects that smoking has on the human body.


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Speaking at the occasion, the President of the Cancer Surgical Pakistan, Prof. Arshad Cheema, explained that every third case of cancer in the country is due to the smoking of cigarettes, and highlighted the situation in Karachi where almost 40 percent of reported oral problems have resulted in cancer.

While addressing the presser alongside Prof. Cheema, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Health Services, Dr. Javed Akram, remarked that smoking is one of the leading causes of male impotence. He explained that a single puff of a cigarette contains more than 4,000 dangerous carcinogens that are some of the leading contributors to cancerous diseases in the country.


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The press conference concluded on a high note, with most of it targeting smokers.

Essentially, medical experts stated that the more cigarettes one smokes in a day, the higher their risk of cancer and that reducing the number of cigarettes smoked daily can be a good first preventative step.