All DFSK Glory 580 Models Get A Huge Price Hike

Of all the new SUVs to have recently entered the Pakistani market, the DFSK Glory 580 is arguably among the top five most popular options. Its popularity is because it is the only seven-seater available in its segment and is also the cheapest option in its segment.

Or maybe it had been the cheapest option since DFSK recently announced a bump in the price of the Glory 580 SUV across the entire range of variants being offered in Pakistan. The news came from, which also shared an official notice from the company.



As per the notice, the hike has been introduced owing to similar supply-chain issues being observed by automakers around the world. The following are the new prices of all the variants of the DFSK Glory 580:

Variant Old Price (PKR) Revised Price (PKR) Price Increase (PKR)
Glory 580 Pro 4,549,000 4,699,000 150,000
Glory 580 T CVT 4,000,000 4,299,000 299,000
Glory 580 T Manual 3,750,000 4,049,000 299,000
Glory 580 1.8-Litre 4,150,000 4,449,000 299,000


Automakers Taking Advance Payment for Cars is “Organized Plunder” — Nadeem Malik

These prices reportedly became effective from 6 June (yesterday). However, despite the recent price hike, the Glory 580 is still the cheapest option for owning a modern C-Segment SUV that is also more practical and has more choices across the range of variants than its competitors.

The Kia Sportage Alpha and MG ZS might be the closest rivals to the low-tier DFSK Glory 580, but as far as the top-tier models go, the Glory 580 is, perhaps, still the best value.