Electricity Shortfall Reduces to 593MW

The Ministry of Energy revealed Pakistan’s power situation, its demand, output, and shortfall today (Thursday).

Accordingly, the total system power demand at 8:30 am today was 22393 MW, the total system output was 21800 MW, and the power shortfall was 593 MW.


Power Generation From Tarbela and Mangla Dams Reduces Massively

“Due to continuous monitoring of the power situation in the country and by taking necessary measures, the shortfall has remained very low,” its tweet read.

The ministry further revealed that Tunnel-3 of the Tarbela Dam is active and is now slowly increasing the generation of electricity.



Dozens of Students Faint During Power Outage at a School in Islamabad

Earlier on Wednesday, the power generation at the Tarbela and Mangla dams had reduced by 3300 MW while the country’s total electricity demand had been 24,100 MW. The power shortfall had been 1500 MW, and the power generated by the system had been 22,600 MW.