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Mahoor Shahzad Apologizes for Her Racist Remarks After Strong Backlash

Pakistan’s badminton star, Mahoor Shahzad, has apologized for her racist remarks towards the ‘Pathan’ community. A 20-second video of Mahoor surfaced online after her defeat in the first round of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She remarked that other badminton players are ‘Pathans’ and are jealous of her achievements.


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“People appreciated me a lot, but yes, there are some of our badminton players, who are just like ‘Pathan’ and because I am number one [badminton player] in Pakistan and played in Olympics, so some of our Pakistani badminton players are really jealous [of] how come I have reached this position.”

“Pakistanis have a problem that they don’t want to do it nor they would let anyone else do it,” Mahoor said in the video clip.

After receiving a lot of backlash on her unwarranted remarks, Mahoor took to social media to apologize for her comments. She said that her comments were not racist at all, and she was just answering back to specific badminton players who have been running a negative campaign against her.


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She added that she is extremely sorry for hurting the sentiments of the whole Pathan community and thanked the entire nation for their endless support. She concluded that without the support of the entire nation, she would not have been able to achieve what she has achieved.

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