FBR Fully Restores Taxpayer Database After Cyber Attack

The Federal Board of Revenue completed the data recovery exercise and completely restored the taxpayers’ database on Wednesday night (August 25), but a 100 percent safety system needs to be checked before being made operational to prevent cyber attacks attempts on the FBR system.

Top officials told Propakistani that the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) data center has been fully restored. However, it is still in the process of checking the security systems needed for 100 percent security of the data.


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The FBR’s data center was temporarily shut down for the checking of all its systems and data, and the data was gradually uploaded and restored in a phase-wise manner. The exercise was completed on Wednesday with a 100 percent recovery of the taxpayers’ date, but the original FBR system of the data center is not fully operational yet.


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The hiring of the third party has almost been finalized by the Ministry of Finance, and an Irish IT company will be authorized to place safety systems to make the FBR website completely foolproof. The company will also be tasked with securing the FBR’s data to prevent cyberattacks on the system, and will be mandated to install an unbreachable security system.