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Sindh’s Motor Vehicle Tax Department Delays Delivery of Smart Cards

The delivery of smart vehicle registration cards at Sindh’s Motor Vehicle Tax Department was at a standstill during the last week, with around 10,000 motorists awaiting the deliveries of their registration cards.

The department is under the Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department of the Government of Sindh.

Its spokesperson explained that it had entered into an agreement with a private company for printing smart registration cards last year, but the company has halted delivery as the department has not cleared its funds.

The delay is a matter of concern for the motorists who are awaiting the registration of their vehicles.

The spokesperson also stated that it registers around 1,100 motorcycles, 400 non-commercial vehicles, and 250 commercial vehicles on a daily basis and that the backlog will keep increasing if the Motor Vehicle Tax Department and the private company do not resolve the matter.