WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Hide “Last Seen” From Specific People

We’ve all had those nosy contacts in our list that stalk your “last seen” on WhatsApp and bother you with it. WhatsApp has always let us hide our last seen from everyone, but the chat messenger will soon let you hide it from specific people only.

As always, this upcoming feature was spotted by none other than WABetaInfo, the tech blog that uncovers WhatsApp’s upcoming features before they are released. As per their report, WhatsApp is reworking its privacy settings and the first important update is that it will soon let us choose privacy settings for specific contacts.

At the moment, WhatsApp only gives you three options to choose from when it comes to your “last seen” status. You can either show your last seen to everyone, your contacts only, or nobody. But following the new update, you will be able to hide it from specific contacts.

WhatsApp will add another category to this list soon that will let you pick “my contacts except…” which will let you choose who to hide it from.

The screenshot was taken from Whatsapp for iOS, but the company will introduce the feature to Android as well.

The feature is available in WhatsApp beta versions for both iOS and Android, so we expect that it will roll out to both platforms soon.

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