Apple Watch 7 is Bigger and More Durable

Apple’s iPhone event also took covers off of the company’s latest smartwatch, the Watch 7. Unlike the rumors suggested, the new Apple Watch is actually more rounded than before with softer curved sides and a glass cover.

One of the notable upgrades this year is the bigger display size on the same body. Apple has managed to reduce the display bezels up to 1.7mm, which is 40% less compared to last year and it allows for a 20% bigger display. The updated Watch OS has been optimized to take advantage of the bigger display with bigger buttons, redesigned UI, and more text in the notifications.

Thanks to a bigger display, you can also use a full-size QWERTY keyboard with taps or swipes. Apple’s QuickPath feature will predict what you need to type.

Apple Watch Series 7 has bigger display in the same body, coming this Fall for $399

The Apple Watch 7 is also more durable than before as the glass cover is now more crack resistant. The Cupertino giant has added IP6X dust protection and WR50 water-resistance as well. The watch is made out of 100% recycled aluminum and will be available in five new colors. There will be stainless steel and titanium versions as well.

You get the same 18 hours of battery life, but it now charges 33% faster thanks to a new USB C charger. A 45-minute charge will fill the battery from 0 to 80%.

Apple hasn’t revealed a precise launch date, but the Apple Watch 7 will launch during Fall this year for $399.