Pakistan Breaks Power Production Record in August

Pakistan hits a record high generation of electricity at 16,078 Gigawatt hours (GWh) in the month of August due to strong demand for energy from industries. 

The growth in electricity production is in accordance with the government’s policy to maximum utilize the surplus power production capacity available in Pakistan because the excessive installed capacity is increasing the circular debt.  

However, the price of this positive development was paid by the consumers, as the increase in fuel prices that generate power resulted in an increase in power tariff and monthly bills for the consumers.  

Meanwhile, the record high power produced by Pakistan in August is 10 percent high in comparison to 14,630 GWh produced in the same month last year.

Reon Energy CEO, Mujtaba Haider Khan, said, “Power production has apparently surged on additional demand coming from increased industrial output, setting up of new industrial units and expansion of the existing ones”.