Pak Suzuki – the Pioneer Brings Online Certified Used Car Gala to Islamabad & KPK

After the success of the Online Certified Used car gala in Karachi, and Lahore, Suzuki Pakistan is now taking this huge event to Islamabad, North Punjab, AJK & KPK. We’d say, get ready guys!

Previously, Pak-Suzuki conducted such events in Karachi and Lahore where more than 190 units were sold with over 350,000 customers visiting this online Gala. Pak Suzuki looks forward to another huge success in the cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Muzaffarabad, Taxila, Mardan, Jhelum, Haripur, and Gujjar Khan on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of October 2021.

Buying a used car is a time-consuming and hassle-driven job. We have to search it, then check its quality, check the engine condition, verify documents, and a host of other things.

In this whole scenario, a trustworthy seller is very important. Pak-Suzuki, curated this concept of Certified Used Cars in Pakistan in 2009 where customers could buy affordable, good quality cars, certified by Pak-Suzuki engineers with a warranty of up to 1 year.

Pak Suzuki held more than 50 used car Galas in major cities where the response from customers was overwhelming. The selling points were transparency, trust, and reliability.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, such events could not take place. So, keeping the safety of customers as No.1 priority and approaching the customer with the same Certified Used cars, Pak-Suzuki held an online used car gala.

The primary objective was to enable their potential customers to be a part of the gala while sitting in the comfort of their homes and browse through the offers without being concerned about the authenticity of the deals.

They built an element of trustworthiness among the audience by providing them with a user-friendly platform, transparent deals, and certified used cars.

Pak-Suzuki aims that this Online Gala will provide you with the same convenience, transparent deals, and comfortable environment as it has provided in the past.

As per the Head of Marketing Pak Suzuki, the Online Gala platform is designed with 3 core objectives: user-friendly platform; quality used cars certified by Pak Suzuki Engineers with warranty; and above all, transparency in deals between customers and authorized dealerships under Pak-Suzuki supervision.

But how would such a massive event be catered to online? Here’s how:

360-Degree View of the Car

The company would provide a 360-degree view of each of the cars, which means you would be able to see the vehicle from every angle and side. You can check the front, back, sides, inside the trunk, bonnet, and interior in detail along with the Price and car details, and then make a decision of buying it.

This 360-degree view will give you a proper idea about the car’s condition and you can do all this while sitting at your home or office.

Live Chat

A live chat option is also given to customers for communication with dealers. Great, isn’t it?

Certified by Suzuki Engineers

As per the company, all vehicles are checked by the engineers of Pak Suzuki. so, it means the cars are checked by trained hands, making them reliable vehicles.

The engineers check all the parts of the car including engine, paint quality, is it accidental or not, documents, and all other systems of the car. A panel inspection sheet will also be provided to check panel paint before making a purchase.

So, you can buy the car with confidence.

Inspection Checkpoints

Moreover, Suzuki would inspect the cars on 130 checkpoints. As mentioned earlier, the body frame, engine/transmission, brakes, interior, electric and electronics, and tires would be checked.

Transparent Deal

The most important part of buying a used car deal is the transfer of money from the buyer and documents from the seller. People have a lot of reservations about this because they sometimes find it hard in these matters.

However, in this case, Pak-Suzuki Authorized 3S Dealers would be involved and provide you with proper channels and trustable means to ensure a transparent deal. It means you can exchange money or car documents without any issue and more importantly, very smoothly.

Further, Pak Suzuki Exchange and Used Car department would be supervising this event as well.

Any customer queries would be directed to [email protected]

Used Car Financing

Pak Suzuki has taken an initiative to partner with Bank for their customer especially for this used car gala where customers can finance their used car for up to 7 years at a special rate “KIBOR + 3%”. Per month installment plan will also be available for each vehicle.

Exchange inquiries

Pak Suzuki also enables customers to upgrade through exchange inquiries where customer can send their old vehicle details and requirement of New or Certified Suzuki Car. An authorized dealership representative will contact the customer and offer a free evaluation to upgrade to new Suzuki.

Services and Warranty

Usually, when you buy a used car, you don’t get any offer for service or warranty. But in this car gala, you will not only get 3 free services on the purchase, but Suzuki is offering a warranty of up to 1 year. Isn’t it awesome that you are getting offers of a new car for a used vehicle?

As per the company, the warranty covers engine, transmission, and suspension, which are the most vital parts of the car, especially the engine because it ensures your comfort, good fuel average, and hassle-free travel.

So, be a part of this online car gala and become an owner of a used car with a stamp and warranty of Pak-Suzuki.

This event will be made live for 3 consecutive days from 9 am to 6 pm to ensure that customers get their desired vehicles.

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