Supreme Court Orders Authorities to Demolish Nasla Tower

Supreme Court’s Karachi Registry has directed authorities to demolish the Nasla Tower building within a week.

During a hearing, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, asked, “Why hasn’t the Nasla Tower been demolished yet? Are you waiting for hammers and chisels to do it”?

The top judge refused to hear the statements of the residents of the tower and clearly stated, “For us, Nasla Tower doesn’t exist”.

He directed the concerned authorities to use the best and most advanced technology to dismantle the building, cut off its water and electricity connections by 27 October and submit a report on it.

Nasla Tower is located at the intersection of Shara-e-Faisal and Shara-e-Quaideen, and if it’s demolished, part of buildings along either side of Shara-e-Faisal covering the Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society (SMCHS) would also have to be crushed.

The residents of the Nasla Tower have been instructed to vacate the building by 27 October or face the repercussions, however, the residents want their money back before vacating the 15-story building.

Earlier during a hearing on 23 September, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan, said that it is the residents’ responsibility to check the legality of the apartments before purchasing them.

“Are you not aware of the forgery that takes place in the city? How can you buy a house without inspection”, he said.

However, he assured that the government will give compensation to the affectees as per the market value of the towers within three months.

Published by
Darakhshan Anjum