NEPRA to Further Increase Electricity Prices

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has issued a notification to increase electricity cost with reference to fuel price adjustment for September 2021.

The hearing was conducted by the authority in the last week of October as the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) filed a petition to increase fuel prices up to Rs. 2.68 per unit as reference fuel price per unit was Rs. 5.02 per unit. The average generation cost for September was Rs. 7.55 per unit.

The notification of increase is applicable to all ex-Wapda distribution companies consumers, except K-Electric and lifeline consumers. The increase will be added in November for consumers.

According to details, the tariff increase was approved on account of the monthly fuel cost adjustment (FCA) for September 2021 and will be charged from consumers in the billing month of November 2021.

The price hike will be applicable to all categories of consumers except lifeline consumers who consume less than 50 units and K-Electric consumers. The increase of Rs. 2.51 per unit in the price of electricity is expected to put an additional burden of up to Rs. 35 billion on the power consumers.

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