You Can Now Repair iPhones Yourself Thanks to Apple’s New Service

iPhones are some of the hardest smartphones to repair. They are hard to get into and they only accept original parts from Apple in most cases. These original parts cost a lot and are hard to find in certain regions.

But from now on, Apple is making it a lot easier to repair iPhones with original parts. The Cupertino giant is introducing a “Self Service Repair” program so experienced customers can repair their iPhones themselves at home.

Making original parts and tools available to everyone is a big deal, especially for Apple.

Apple customers will now be able to order original Apple components and tools and will even receive some credit for their purchase if a used part is returned. As a start, Apple will be providing more common repair components such as screen replacements, battery replacements, and camera modules.

Apple has said that its new stores will provide “more than 200 individual parts and tools”. Other than original parts and tools, Apple will also provide repair manuals.

The Self Service Repair Program will start with the iPhone 13 models but will soon progress to M1 Mac computers. The service will launch in the US in early 2022 and will expand to more countries later on.

Despite announcing this program, Apple still recommends that you should visit a certified repair provider since it is the “safest and most reliable way to get a repair”.