Voice Calls Become ‘More Se Zyada’ Clear As More Phones Support Telenor VoLTE

Digital Pakistan is already on the horizon with players like Telenor Pakistan accelerating the country’s digital transformation. Driven by its mission of empowering Pakistan and giving its people ‘more se zyada’ connectivity experience, Telenor has taken the lead with some very innovative, industry-leading products and services.


In its journey of creating and promoting a digital ecosystem in Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan enabled VoLTE (Voice over LTE) on its network in 2019. The first trial was performed within Telenor amongst its employees for some time before it was rolled out in the market.

Some of the benefits that VoLTE offers are as follows:

  • High-Quality Voice-HD
  • Shortest Call Setup Time
  • Simultaneous Use of Voice and Data.
  • Improved handset battery time

To subscribe to VoLTE, users just need to ensure the following:

  1. USIM
  2. VoLTE-Enabled Handset
  3. Handset Firmware Upgraded with VoLTE
  4. Service Provisioned from Operator

VoLTE eliminates the requirement for existing legacy networks, allowing for the development of advanced protocols and applications on top. The VoLTE solution from Telenor Pakistan is provided by a supplier who has a significant footprint across the globe.

The technology has enabled Telenor Pakistan to provide bespoke solutions and add-on services to its clients with greater efficiency and agility.

Ever since the launch of the technology, phone manufacturers have been testing their software to be adaptive to Telenor’s VoLTE. In a recent development, OPPO and realme phones now offer support for Telenor VoLTE, and users of these phones can now enjoy the crystal-clear voice call quality that the technology delivers.

Users of OPPO and realme phones can click here to see if their device is Telenor VoLTE supported and how they can enable services. As other phone manufacturers continue to test their software for VoLTE compatibility, the technology will soon come to more devices to deliver ‘more se zyada’ clear and enjoyable voice calls.





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