PTCL Raises Broadband Package Prices

PTCL, the biggest broadband internet provider in Pakistan known for its affordable packages has raised its prices yet again. In fact, the prices have risen multiple times throughout the year to a point where the 15 Mbps package now costs Rs. 2,829 per month.

Not just the 15 Mbps package, but all others including the 6 Mbps, 8 Mbps, 25 Mbps, and several others have seen a price increase throughout the year. Fortunately, the prices for telephone and smart TV connections stayed the same.

Monthly 6 Mbps 8 Mbps 15 Mbps 25 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps
DSL Internet Charges (PKR)  1,829 2,319 2,829 3,399 5,249 7,849
Flash Fiber  Charges (PKR) N/A 2,319 2,829 3,399 5,249 7,849

The telecommunication provider has been informing its countrywide customers that internet prices have been raised once again, and this comes only a month after the previous price increase. PTCL customers received an SMS yesterday about the price increase and one before that in October this year.

The price increment is not huge on its own but adding the multiple raises throughout the year makes for quite an upturn.

Competition among broadband internet providers is heating up. Mobile network companies have been lowering their prices and raising internet speeds for their packages and the total number of internet providers in Pakistan has also increased significantly over the past few years.

  • This is because Ufone (PTCL’s Subsidiary) has recently bought 4g Spectrum in Pakistan and 3g+4g spectrum in Gilgit baltistan & AJK Auction. and Ufone is clearly not making enough money to buy that and that’s where it’s parent company PTCL comes in. they took loans to buy that spectrum and now in order to pay for all this they increased the prices yet again. That’s the Reality

  • petrol sasta hua, bijli pani gas sasti hui, inflation decrease hui, but you guys expect operators to decrease prices

  • There is no real time competitor of ptcl thats why We are tired of Ptcl’s poor service on copper wires here in Quetta.

  • Ub ptcl katwa k telenor ya jazz ka net aur call pakge lagwa laita hon
    Un ke speed to achi ha
    Ptcl ke speed b bohat slow ha aur smart tv to chalta he nahe

  • Inflation is affecting literally everyone and every sector. Price hike isn’t that much. still much cheaper as compared to other operators.
    A satisfied customer from Okara Cantt 👍

  • This was 1 of the main reasons I switched to Nayatel. PTCL kept increasing the price of my package without even improving the service (same old cable connection).

  • One of the largest but sadly poorest service. The lineman is king of area and no-one can challenge the fault he defines. No quality, no care and poor customer service.

    No justification for price increase. Got rid of 2 phones lines at home, still getting their marketing calls to re-install connection but don’t want to take that pain again.

  • Dear PTCL price to Ap ne increase kerdi …
    Magar PTCL Bill ke ander jo TAX add hota hai wo kaha jata hai????????
    Price increase karo magar Apni services per zara ghor karo or Thik karo.
    Apne smart TV ki picture Quality ko improve karo

  • Hamare pas bhi PTCL hai is hi month disconnection karwaonga i will use local network wifi PTCL is very expensive plus not helpfull

  • Jhuty hain yeh log inka bhaora nhe karna lagne ke time boht acha behaviour hain lekin jab lag jata hain tow boht bura kartein hain chalta he nhe hain net

  • Aur second yeh ke jitne ka net inka lagwana hain issey achaw hain bhair sey lagwa low service bhi achi dete hain aj kal tow 1200 me 50mb mil jata hain woh bhi fiber net inke package bhi boht expensive hain bhair sey lagwa low net achaw chale ga

  • I have tried ptcl but it was not good . It does not have good service and their service people are too moody .

  • پہلے یہ اپنی سروسز بہتر تو کرے پھر قیمتیں بڑھائے، ہر دوسرے دن خراب ہوتا ہے، اور بہت سے علاقوں میں ان کی سروسز بھی نہیں، وہاں پہ چارجی شروع کرے

  • Speed ka bohat masla ha 2 mb ha 1 mb pori ni milti 0462526111 number ha plz theek karwain bohat parashan hain plz

  • They don’t forget to increase in rate….. but always forget to improve the quality of service…

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