Q-Commerce Company Krave Mart Guarantees 10-Minute Deliveries

With so many millennials and Gen Zs switching to online shopping, prompt delivery services have become a need today. Around 82 percent of Pakistani urban consumers are now making online purchases and the competition is only getting fiercer.

However, online consumers still face problems mostly related to delivery timelines, product quality, returns, and refunds which really hampers one’s overall shopping experience.

The up-and-coming Q-Commerce company, Krave Mart, is aiming to change that. An online delivery platform started by Kassim Shroff, Hammad Bawany, Haziq Ahmed, and Ahsan Kidwai, Krave Mart promises 10 Minutes quick delivery service across Pakistan.

With its founders coming from experienced backgrounds of commercial, product, operations, customer service, and growth, Krave Mart has the vision to ensure the customer experience is the top priority and every decision is based on customer-first culture.

All founders are renowned faces in the eCommerce industry with over 10 years of experience, with Kassim previously being at Daraz, Hammad, and Haziq being previously associated with Foodpanda, and Ahsan being part of Daraz and Swvl.

This Karachi-based online store operates online and offers thousands of products to customers. The store is selling a wide range of products ranging from food staples, fruits & vegetables, tea & beverages, and personal care items catering to thousands of customers.

What really sets Krave Mart apart from the rest of Q-Commerce stores is its promise to deliver within 10 minutes, a feature that no other delivery service currently offers.

Sharing his vision about the startup, Haziq Ahmed, COO and Co-Founder of Krave Mart, says, “Our vision is to establish Krave Mart as the first option for any customer to order their day-to-day groceries at the best prices with 10 minutes delivery.”

“Our amazing fulfillment and rider teams have been trained to ensure a ‘customer first’ culture and go out of the way to deliver as per our company values. The 10-Minute delivery model is going to be the game-changer for this industry and will set a bar for all the players to come in the Q-Commerce landscape,” Haziq adds.

Krave Mart’s goal is to set the standards high and revolutionize it by offering Pakistanis a vast choice of products, a seamless and stress-free ordering experience, and ensuring everything is delivered to their doorstep within 10 minutes.

The company has approached the challenge of continuously setting up dark stores across the city to ensure an ample supply of items. This is so that they can provide their customers with premium quality services and ensure delivery is done within the promised timeline.

When consumers purchase products online, they expect prompt services. This is because online purchases eliminate the need to wait in line at stores. But when consumers have to wait to get their products or face delays of any kind, it beats the purpose of quick services or what Q-Commerce stands for.

The Krave Mart team understands this problem and is determined to make everything a seamless process. With years of logistics and technology expertise, the founders of Krave Mart are in a prime position to take the Q-Commerce industry further.