TikTok Enables 1080p Video Upload for Some Countries

TikTok announced numerous updates for its mobile apps, including improved resolution, new effects, and enhancements.

In select countries, TikTok will roll out the option to upload videos in 1080p. Users simply have to select More Options while uploading the video, toggle the Upload HD button, and the video will be uploaded in 1080p. The company hasn’t announced which countries are getting this feature for now.

TikTok also allows users to enable the green screen effect on top of GIFs. Users can easily choose from a variety of GIFS available via GIPHY, TikTok’s partner, and overlay a video on top of the GIF using the green screen effect.

A Visual Enhancement feature is also now available that improves the quality of images in a video with a single tap. The feature performs basic changes including exposure compensation, color correction, and low-light enhancement on newly shot videos or those uploaded from the gallery.

Voice Effects will use audio synthesis and make any audio in a video sound similar to an animal or a musical instrument. The feature can be easily accessed by tapping the Voice button on the right panel on the Editing page.

We’ll keep you posted on new updates from TikTok.