Honda Civic 11th Gen Seen on Motorway

Honda Civic 11th generation is one of Pakistan’s and the world’s most desired vehicles on account of its attention-grabbing design. Pakistanis would never have fathomed the possibility of its launch here for another two or three years until the news of its import unit was revealed two months ago. Even then, it was perhaps too early for speculations as Honda has been keeping this car under wraps.

Surprisingly, a video of a wrapped vehicle cruising on a motorway has been circulating on social media, and the mystery car is none other than the Honda Civic 11th generation.

Pakwheels had previously reported about the import of the new Civic, which was under Honda Atlas for five months as the CBU unit was cleared on 10 May 2021 by Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL) at Karachi Port.

A document shared by Pakwheels showed the import of a single CBU unit of the Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo, along with its color and frame number. The ‘MRH’ in the frame number is the World Manufacturer Identifier for Thailand-made Honda cars.

The previous 10th generation Civic has the chassis code ‘FC’, while the mentioned chassis code was ‘FE’, which is another giveaway that the imported unit is a newer generation.

Also, the color code of the car in the document was ‘B618M’, which is the color code for ‘Morning Mist Blue Metallic’ — a unique color that was not offered in the 10th generation Civic currently on sale. This has led to several online debates about whether the spotted car is a CKD or CBU.

Auto companies take a while to test the CBUs thoroughly to collect data before assembling a CKD as a prototype. The CKD kits are usually imported at N-2 or N-3, where the N represents the month of launch and the digits indicate the month number.

The number mentioned in the document implies that no cars were imported of late, and neither is its launch expected in the next three months.

The highly anticipated 11th generation of Honda Civic will presumably be witnessed more often over the next few months, covered in camouflage wraps, and Civic fans may have to wait a little longer for its official launch in Pakistan.

  • wrong idea, Honda Pakistan is still struggling just because of not to provide latest options and safety features. They always looted Pakistani consumers from a long time.
    Now Pakistani consumers have more options to buy good cars like, Hyundai Elantra, Changan Alsvin and upcoming Chery Cowin Xuandu, KIA Stonic etc…

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