Exciting News for Gaming Enthusiasts! Showcase Your Talent at Developers’ Game Jam 2.0

Developers’ Game Jam 2.0 is here, and our excitement could not be greater! This Developers’ Game Jam is brought to you by Epiphany Games, an offshoot of Epiphany, with a mission to grow talent in the gaming industry and support diversity, inclusion, and impact through games.

Who Can Apply?

The Jam is open for everyone – developers, non-developers, game designers or novices, artists, writers, anyone with a creative streak! You can participate individually or as a squad from anywhere in Pakistan.

Also, international participants are welcome as long as they team up with one Pakistani. We recommend at least 3 to 5 members, so you have someone to share the fun (and workload) with!

What’s the Duration of the Jam?

Developer’s Game Jam 2.0 will be two weeks long starting from January 10 to January 23, 2021, with weekly sessions and mentorship weekends. The closing ceremony will be held in Islamabad on Friday, January 28, 2021. Fingers crossed for an in-person event this time!

What’s In It for You?

Top teams will win cash prizes and depending on the quality of the games, have them published! (Terms and conditions apply. Also, only the top teams will qualify based on different criteria as set by partnering publishers) But worry not, even if you are not one of the winners, you can still win fame, glory, social media celebrity status, a pat on the back, inner happiness, etc.

Also, you will benefit from one-on-one mentorship from national and international experts, workshops about monetization, game design and development, character design, publishing, and more. And guess what! All the fun, national and international exposure, collaborations, and learning are totally free!!

What About Developers’ Game Jam 2.0?

Last year’s game jam brought together more than 60 participants who produced 18 games in 60 hours. They also benefitted from 11 workshops, received one-on-one mentorship from 25 mentors, and were judged by a power-packed panel comprising international and national experts.

The entries can be seen at: https://itch.io/jam/epiphany-game-jam/entries

So, join individually or as teams to have some seriously MAD fun and learning! Apply by Thursday, January 6, 2021, at: https://epiphanyofficial.co/developers-game-jam-2-0/

Also, join Epiphany’s Discord now:  https://discord.com/invite/Aw7GQX5Rnc

Developers’ Game Jam is supported by an Australia Awards Small Grant, and media partner ProPakistani. Australia Awards are prestigious international Scholarships, Fellowships, and Short Courses funded by the Australian Government.

Australia Awards alumni in South and West Asia are using their skills, knowledge, and network to address development challenges, and contribute to sustainable development in their nations.