Ailaaj Partners with Islamabad United to Promote Sports and Wellbeing

Ailaaj, Pakistan’s first fully integrated digital healthcare platform and telemedicine company, has signed on as the official health-tech partner of Islamabad United, one of Pakistan Super League’s top-performing teams and 2-time champions.

With this partnership, they aim to promote and educate the general public about the importance of healthcare and fitness. They also want to reach a wider audience and communicate the convenience of getting healthcare services at home.

Ailaaj was inclined towards partnering with Islamabad United due to their shared values of excellence in performance and fitness.

The co-founder of Ailaaj, Bilal Mumtaz, has also been involved in developing the ecosystem of football for the youth of Chitral since 2011 by facilitating tournaments and football camps to nurture talent in the region.

Ailaaj aims to continue its focus on supporting sports in Pakistan to promote healthy, active lifestyles among the youth.

To mark this occasion, the signing ceremony was held at PCB Lahore on the 6th of January, 2021, between Hyder Mumtaz, CEO of Ailaaj, and Faheem Ashraf and Zafar Gauhar, the top-rated bowlers of Islamabad United.

On this momentous occasion, Hyder Mumtaz stated, “Digital Healthcare has been instrumental in providing everyday Pakistanis easier access to primary care services; a vital need that was even more apparent over the last two years. The platform of PSL’s most successful franchise allows us to reach an even larger audience and provide them with the services that are necessary to deal with today’s world.”

“In Islamabad United, we also have a brand that prides itself on excellence and professionalism, and these are values that we share. Thus, we are glad that we have this partnership with Islamabad United,” he added.

During this conference, Faheem Ashraf also expressed how excited he was about the PSL tournament being held in Pakistan this year. He commented, “Our motivation is on another level when we’re playing on the field of our home country because the support we get here is much more than what we get when we play in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc.”

“It encourages our players to perform even better and leads to more success and becomes a greater fulfillment for us,” he added.

Ailaaj is an end-to-end healthcare solution that enables virtual care for all your medical needs on a singular platform. Ailaaj’s offerings include telehealth consultations, lab testing, e-pharmacy, and corporate health & wellness.

Belonging to Fazal Din Group, a pioneer in advancing Pakistan’s healthcare services for the past 70 years, Ailaaj aims to revolutionize how people interact with healthcare specialists to receive consultations and order medicine. It provides telehealth and online pharmacy services which can be accessed here.

Islamabad United is the most successful franchise in HBL PSL history and the winner of the first and third editions of the tournament, as well as the owner of the highest win percentage in league history.