Petrol and Diesel Prices to Break All Previous Records in April

The Price Differential Claim (PDP) of the Oil Marketing Companies and Refineries is projected to reach Rs. 36.07 per liter for High-Speed Diesel (HSD) and Rs. 19.64 per liter for petrol during the next fortnight if the government decides to maintain the oil prices at the existing level.

As per the calculations on the local projected oil prices for the first fortnight of April that are available with ProPakistani, the ex-depot price of petrol is projected to reach Rs. 169.50 a liter during the first fortnight of April (1 to 15 April) against the ex-depot price of Rs. 149.86 per liter during the current fortnight (16 to 31 March). Similarly, the ex-depot price of HSD is projected to reach Rs. 180.22 per liter during the next fortnight that starts on 1 April, against its ex-depot price of Rs 144.15 per liter during the current fortnight.

As per the calculations, the next projected PDC on the OMCs level on petrol is likely to be Rs. 19.64 per liter and Rs. 36.07 per liter on HSD. The projection is based on 10 days Platts oil prices (14 to 25 March).

Regarding the PDC on the refinery level, the expected PDC on kerosene oil for the next fortnight is projected to be Rs. 30.78 per liter, and Rs. 28.53 per liter on Light Diesel Oil (LDO) as per the documents.

The increase in the PDC is attributed to the rising international oil prices, which reached over $120 per bbl on 25 March.