Al Khidmat Foundation: A Non-Profit Organization Serving Humanity

Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad SAW said; ‘’Every act of kindness is charity’’- Sahih Bukhari 6021۔ Keeping the Sunnah of kindness and empathy alive, Alkhidmat foundation is functioning as a non-profit organization that is exclusively offering its services to humanity in every possible way.

Alkhidmat has been operating in the humanitarian field since Pakistan came into being in the year 1947 but it became fully functional in 1990. The vision of Alkhidmat is to serve humankind without any discrimination. Human dignity is given the utmost place while dealing with people. The motto does justice to the whole cause

Areas of Service

Currently, Alkhidmat is working in 7 areas including orphan care, health services, disaster management, community service, provision of education, and clean water followed by microfinance also known as Mawakhat, as well.

Orphan Care and Alkhidmat

Orphans are one of the most neglected parts of the materialistic society, unfortunately. Alkhidmat is a ray of hope for these eyes full of dreams. Alkhidmat is currently running 2 orphan care programs across the country including Orphan Family Support Program and Aghosh Homes. Alkhidmat is facilitating about 17867 orphans right now with 18 operational Aghosh homes. Apart from this 4 Agosh homes are under construction, 3 are under extension and similarly 9 Agosh homes are under the pipeline.

Due to limited space for accommodation, Alkhidmat is providing all types of services for the Orphans at their homes as well under the sponsorship scheme. Under the sponsorship, donors cover the cost of food, medical treatment, and education. This scheme also makes sure that children do not get deprived of their motherly love and their homes while having access to the facilities too.

For the kids who do not have access to homes and related facilities, Alkhidmat provides them with a homely environment through Aghosh homes ensuring their growth as individuals and sensible

members of the society. Aghosh home is responsible for the upbringing and training of children deprived of parents, education, health, mental and physical development. Alkhidmat with every passing day is high on the motivation to be a beacon of hope for the little stars. The following link describes the story of another little angel, Irfan Ullah.

What is AlKhidmat up to This Ramadan?

The whole Ramadan Alkhidmat doubles its efforts as a whole and aims to make the best out of the blessed month. Food being a basic necessity of life is crucial for every person out there but, unfortunately not everyone has full access to it. In order to make sure the provision of adequate food supplies in Ramadan Alkhidmat like every year has distributed food packages (Ration) among the needy and deserving families. The Ramadan package includes basic food supplies like flour, rice, sugar, oil, pulses, tea, and other necessary edibles.

Apart from this Alkhidmat arranges Iftar and Suhoor for the deserving people throughout the holy month. Asaan Iftar Program is also operational like every year which functions without the discrimination of socioeconomic status. Volunteers are placed at specific main points of the city and they provide dates and water to everyone who couldn’t reach their homes prior to the iftar or at the exact time.

All of us on our part should reflect the essence of the whole month and be as empathetic as we can. At the end of the day kindness and empathy wins, always. Be a part of the good cause by being a part of Alkhidmat through your generous donations.

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