Govt Appoints Asim Ahmad as New Chairman FBR

The new government has removed Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad from his post as the Chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and has replaced him with Asim Ahmed.

Asim Ahmad is a Grade 21 officer employed at the FBR’s Inland Revenue Service (IRS). He had previously served as the Chairman of the FBR from 9 April to 24 August 2021 until he was replaced by Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed.

Asim Ahmad’s appointment has been implemented immediately and the Establishment Division has issued a notification about it as well.

Asim Ahmad, a BS-21 officer of Inland Revenue Service, has assumed the charge of the post of Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad. He brings with him a diversified experience in holding key positions including Chairman FBR, Member-IT, DG (I&I)-IR, and Chief Commissioner-IR.

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