Lemon Prices Skyrocket to Rs. 1200 Per Kg in Pakistan After Eid

Inflation in Pakistan continues to rise as even the price of lemons has surpassed that of meat.

The price hike was reported by ARY News on Sunday. As per the details, even the bachat bazaars that were set up throughout the country to provide relatively cheap goods have failed to provide fruits and vegetables at reasonable rates.

The price of a kg of lemons has notably gone up to Rs. 1,000-1,200 over the last few days. Bachat bazaars greengrocers are selling them at exorbitant prices and are reluctant to sell even a single lemon for Rs. 50.

The federal government canceled the Ramadan package at utility stores on Saturday, which led to the elevated prices of various commodities.

Currently, the price of 50 grams of cardamom has gone up by Rs. 18, that of 200 g of red chilies by Rs. 18, shampoo by Rs. 14, and 100 g of turmeric by Rs. 4. Similarly, the price of pulses has had an increment of Rs. 10 per kg, and the prices of a liter of cooking oils from various brands have gone up by Rs. 20.