Pilot Licensing Exams Resume in Pakistan

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has started conducting the pilot licensing examinations in the country after a hiatus of two years.

This was announced by Deputy Director-General (DG) PCAA, Nadir Shafi Dar on Monday.

Speaking to the media, Nadir Shafi said that the aviation authority has resumed pilot license examinations under the supervision of the United Kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) from today.

The PCAA had entered into a three-year agreement with the UK CAA in December last year, after receiving the federal cabinet’s nod for a framework agreement.

As per the agreement, the UK CAA will conduct exams for the licenses of flight operations officer (FOO), private pilot license (PPL), and commercial pilot license (CPL), he said.

“In the first phase, more than 100 candidates would appear for the PPL examinations in Karachi,” Shafi said, adding that the examinations would be held in Islamabad and Lahore in the next phase.

In a previous statement, the PCAA had said that the fees would be 90 pounds per exam for the first year and 95 pounds per exam for the second year.

PCAA would pay 75 percent of the fee for the first year and 25 percent for the second year. However, if a pilot appears in the exam for the third time, he/she must pay the complete fee.