Punjab Govt Finalizes Summer Vacation Schedule 2022 for Schools and Colleges

The Punjab government has reportedly decided the schedule for summer vacations in the province. According to a report by a local news channel, the government has finalized a two-month schedule for summer vacations in schools and colleges across the province.

All educational institutions in the province will remain closed from June 1 till July 31. Educational activities will resume in the province from August 1.

It is pertinent to mention here that the government had announced a four-day public holiday for Eid-ul-Fitr this year and educational activities were expected to resume from Friday (May 6).

However, the majority of educational institutions announced an extended holiday till Sunday (May 8). Educational activities across Pakistan, including Punjab, will properly resume today (Monday).

  • Temp cross 42C kindly close schools now because little children can’t bear high temperature particularly traveling in van rikshaw etc Heat stroke may cause difficulty during school time after 11 Am to 2pm who will responsible if children become ill seriously ???

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  • Sir I think board exams start 14 June if punjab board tak vocations from 1 June than when tak board exams plz reply.

  • Cmh medical colleges bhi to province ka part hen
    Hamen q nhi hotin summer vacations itni garmi me bhi hamara college hamen off nhi dety
    Last year bhi sab clfs ko summer vacation milen lekin hamen nhi
    Kindly is py bhi awaaz uthaen
    Multan ki burning heat me clg ana is unvearable for us.

  • I dont understand. Dont we, the university students also deserve a summer break? Doesnt the heat kill us too? If schools and colleges can be closed, why not universities too? We suffer much more than the others because some of us come from far off areas and traveling locally everyday.

  • Oh. That’s wonderful but please reconfirm me about colleges summer vacations and if the summer vacation is held in colleges so what’s news about the final exam. Please tell me about that.

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