Commerce Ministry Denies Plans of Trade Resumption With India

The Ministry of Commerce has said that there is no change in Pakistan’s stated policy on resumption of trade with India.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce said in a statement that the ministry manages 57 Trade Missions in 46 countries which includes the post of Minister (Trade and Investment) in New Delhi, India.

“The Post of Minister (Trade and Investment) in New Delhi exists for more than two decades and has no connection with the operationalization of trade with India or otherwise in the current context”, said the statement.

The current cycle for selection of Trade and Investment Officers (TIOs) including New Delhi was initiated in December, 2021 and the final recommendations of the Interview Board were sent to Prime Minister’s Office on April 1, 2022, i.e. during the previous government. The present government has given the final approval on the recommendations of previous government for selection of 15 TIOs.

The appointment of Minister (Trade and Investment) New Delhi, therefore, may not be seen in the context of any relaxation of trade restrictions with India.

Published by
Faiz Paracha