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GAC EMKOO is What Hybrid SUVs of The Future Will Look Like

GAC is onto something with its new vehicles. On 26th April EMKOO SUV was unveiled, a vehicle that catches the eye at first glance with its distinguished, edgy look. EMKOO was launched by Trumpchi, a Chinese brand that comes under GAC.

The brand boasts of bringing something unique to the table, setting the vehicle apart from the rest of the GAC models. GAC states that vehicles’ “Hi-tech industrial aesthetics” provides the audience with a glimpse of what GAC models will look like in the future. A hint of Trumpchi-branded engineering can be seen in the vehicle as EMKOO’s body is similar to EMPOW, a sedan launched earlier.

Shown below is Trumpchi EMPOW for comparison.



Razor Sharp Eyes

It’s fair to say that the face of the EMKOO is probably the most distinctive ever to grace a GAC. Previous models are sturdy, robust, and even appealing, but none of them wore a look closer to this one. The SUV houses headlights in an angular, matrix style which lights up one after another at the start.

GAC refers to them as “Eyes of Revelation” which may sound a bit too much for a vehicle, but they surely are stylish and give KCOO a futuristic look.

EMKOO’s front seems to be a toned-down version of the original concept shown below:

Remember wolverine’s claws? The lights on the sides give a striking resemblance to them.

EMKOO flaunts sharp cuts, smooth door handles, and an edgy taillight design. Creases are so sharp that one might think that they are drawn with a ruler. The vehicle is loaded with sharp wedges all over, complemented with geometric patterns at the front and precise lights at the front and back.

Black A-pillars fuse the car’s windshields into the car body, while erratic arches add to the rugged look of the vehicle.

Aerodynamically efficient flush door handles are installed along with intricate aluminum alloy wheels. Door handles operate with a simple touch.

The edges continue down the side with strong shoulder lines and elegant, diagonal creases. These settle down with the other cuts in the car, galvanizing innovation, elegance, and aggressiveness into the car’s body.

Even though the innovative looks may make it look like an EV, it isn’t. The vehicle will be marketed under the name “Yingku” in China.

We don’t have any official numbers on the size of the vehicle yet, but EMKOO is believed to be comparable to Toyota RAV-4. That means roughly 4.6 meters in length, 1.85 meters in width, and under 1.7-meters in height.

Made For The Future

Judging by the vehicle’s persona, it could yield razor-sharp edges if it weren’t for the customer’s safety. A three-quarter view of the rear shows the vertical taillights, running up to the back window, and then slant diagonally downwards towards the arches. If Volvo V40’s rear lights were sliced down to half of the thickness, it would somewhat resemble EMKOO.

It features a large metallic spoiler which is cut in two halves by a meticulously designed high-level brake light.

The number plate comes right under the GAC logo, housed in a deep cavity. Inside the black and silver-colored plastic bumper sits a hulky twin exhaust on either side of a mock diffuser.

Futuristic Interior

The interior appears to be a bit science-fictional, but here’s the twist. You can own it.

Insides of the EMKOO exude a strong futuristic look with metallic black/silver surroundings with an ambient blue penetrating the whole interior.

GAC has its ways to show what it needs you to see. Metal tubing that houses AC vents is highlighted by the blue hue. This metal tube is a modern depiction of traditional Chinese scrolls. Poetic to think that a company so committed to surpassing the bounds of time is considering what to preserve from the past.

A large central infotainment screen is the main course. The hud in front of the driver is completely digital. The metallic trim in the middle surrounds the large cupholders and a crystal gear selector. A wireless charging pad might be available too.

A Yamaha sound system has been incorporated into the car with extra speakers installed in front seat headrests.

Engine and Transmission

EMKOO will be incorporating a second-generation Mega-Wave Hybrid System in tandem with a 2.0-liter high-efficiency Atkinson Cycle engine enabling a limited but fully-electric cruise. The hybrid system is from Toyota being incorporated in Toyota-GAC vehicles while the 2.0-liter engine is GAC’s own.

The engine has a staggering 42.1% max thermal efficiency and the fuel injection system can achieve an economy of up to 18.8 km/liter.

Variants of Mega 1.5 and 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline direct ignition petrol engines (TDGIs) are available, all of which are accompanied by an automatic electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (ECVT). An interesting feature of the electronic control system is that it observes the driver’s behavior and optimizes the interaction of the engine and transmission to provide the best performance and fuel economy.

Other Sensors

Sensory accessories include 3 solid-state Lidar units, 12 HD cameras, 6 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, and ADiGO 4.0 super-sensing interactive smart cockpit. Though, no Lidar has been spotted in the images so far.

Qualcomm 8155P car-grade cockpit has been chosen as the brains of the vehicle.


EMKOO will be available in five-seater variations, however, some anticipate a 7-seater variation as well. China can expect vehicle deliveries by October, however, exports elsewhere have to wait till 2023.