PCB Announces a Huge Increase in Pensions of Former Cricketers

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced to increase in the pensions of the former cricketers across all the three categories by Rs. 100,000 under the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy.

According to the details shared by the cricket board, cricketers who have played 10 or fewer Tests will now receive a monthly pension of Rs. 142,000, those who have played 11 to 20 Tests will receive Rs. 148,000, and those who have played 21 or more Tests will receive Rs. 154,000.

As per the new development, the PCB also stated that in the tragic case of a Test cricketer’s death, the pension will be given to the widow. Previously, the legal heirs of a cricketer were only entitled to a one-time payment of 12 months’ benefit.

The PCB Chairman, Ramiz Raja, expressed his excitement about the development, saying that the increase in pension and changes to the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy have given him immense pleasure because looking after the interests of cricketers is paramount.

“It gives me great pleasure and joy to announce the increase in pension amounts as well as other changes to the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy. With a former cricketer at the helm of Pakistan cricket affairs, the expectation was that I will always protect and look after the interests and welfare of all present and past cricketers.”

“We have ensured security for a cricketer’s widow while improving pension amounts. As a cricketer, I am aware of and appreciate the sacrifices made by families to allow cricketers to pursue their dreams of representing their country at the highest level,” he added.

It’s worth noting that the most recent changes to the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy will take effect on July 1, 2022, and cricketers aged 60 and up will be eligible to participate.