Miftah Asks FBR to Facilitate Overseas Realtors in Capital Gains Tax

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail directed the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to formulate a separate mechanism to facilitate overseas Pakistani non-filers to revive business activities in the country. He was meeting a delegation of realtors where he assured them to consider a relief in terms of capital gains tax.

The development came about in a meeting of the Federal Minister for Finance with a delegation of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Estate Agents Association (EAA). He also emphasized the real estate sector’s contribution to the country’s economic development.

Led by Chief Patron Mian Irfan Asad, the delegation discussed the proposed taxes on real estate and presented suggestions for the promotion of economic activity in Pakistan.

Minister Ismail assured the delegation to consider the relief in terms of capital gains tax. He also told the delegation that the government will consider their proposals for the economic betterment of the country.

The delegation thanked Minister Ismail for his cooperation and support. It included the Senior Vice Chairman, Umar Afzal; President DHA EAA, Mian Talat; General Secretary DHA EAA, Sarfraz Hussain; and others.