FBR Creates Virtual Business Domain Team to Improve Tax Payment Systems

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has created a Virtual Business Domain Team (V-BDT) of tax officials for improving tax payments systems, withholding systems, legal management systems, audit and risk management systems.

According to the FBR’s instructions issued to the tax officials on Tuesday, keeping in view the importance and central role of IT systems in FBR’s revenue operations and the feedback being received from field formations, taxpayers, and tax practitioners, there is an urgent need to improve and enhance the IT systems, especially with regard to user-interface, automation of business processes, and improvements required for efficiency.

For this purpose, it has been decided to obtain feedback and input from FBR’s officers/users who are most affected by the IT systems, to suggest improvements and test the new systems being developed. Enhancements are being made to IRIS, as well as payments systems, withholding systems, legal management systems, audit and risk management systems, etc. For this purpose, the FBR seeks the nomination of willing/interested officers to be part of the V-BDT.

The FBR said these should be officers having hands-on experience with IRIS and other systems, having IT skills, and a positive/constructive approach to improving the systems.

The V-BDT will enable FBR to speed up development and improvements in the vital IT applications which can help to improve efficiency and help enhance revenue.

The nominated/volunteering officers will remain posted at their actual place of posting, and any meetings/interactions with the IT Wing and Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL) shall be on Zoom, WhatsApp, or email. All the formations are requested to convey the names of officers to be part of the Virtual BDT Team as early as possible so that the development work is expedited, FBR added.