The Value of Introducing 3D Virtual Tours in Real Estate

Over the past few years, the real estate industry has expanded rapidly in Pakistan due to a number of factors. For instance, the demand for houses for rent in Karachi has increased because the city has become a hub of opportunities for many young professionals.

Real estate companies are now adopting new technologies to stay ahead of the competition, especially in the coronavirus-riddled market.

One such example is the introduction of 3D virtual tours – buyers can now view video tours and architectural plans of potential properties through interactive online tools.

This is an efficient and engaging way to communicate with clients.,  Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has highlighted all that you need to know about this new technology.

What Are 3D Virtual Tours?

A virtual tour is an immersive digital representation of a physical location that can be easily viewed on any screen. It allows exploring the property step by step and door to door.

Its infrared scanning technology can collect accurate data to create a 3D representation so that homebuyers can have a 360-degree view of the property. They can select any part of the house and view it from different angles. You can also add sound effects, text, narrations, music, and more to make an even more captivating video.

The virtual tour can be uploaded on a real estate company’s website and social media platforms to lead customers to its property listings.

Why Should You Consider 3D Virtual Tours?

Recent research states that 90% of customers use the internet in the home-buying process, and almost 50% of them go on to buy a place they found online.

In addition, 60% percent of the buyers have a positive impression of real estate companies that offer 3D virtual tours. Most of these customers are young, tech-savvy, and detail-oriented millennials who prioritize digital solutions.


3D virtual tours save a significant amount of time for sellers and buyers both. The new technology helps filter out options to match the right property to the right buyer before a live showing.

Both parties wouldn’t have to commute long distances to the location of a property, plus the seller does not have to go through the process of staging and showcasing a home each time they have a potential customer. There is less time spent on scheduling and more time communicating with clients.

Solution for Social Distancing

Many industries have adapted to the changing environment by establishing new policies and procedures for everyone’s health and safety.

3D tours are also such an example – the step-by-step virtual navigation of a property (instead of physical inspection) allows buyers to consider their options without compromising their wants and needs.

An Immersive Experience

3D technology also gives an instant sense of ownership. A customer can view the same room multiple times without hassle or rush. They can also save or share it with their friends and family to get their opinions before purchasing.

Increase in Online Engagement

3D virtual tours can attract massive traffic and develop strong communication with clients. Once a seller engages a buyer online, they can immediately direct them to other resources like their company’s website and social media platforms to provide additional information.

A 3D virtual tour helps your business grow and grab more customer attraction. The more videos that get shared, the more people will watch them. This makes an effective way to tap into the potential market.

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